A Walk for Atonement Clemyth

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A Walk for Atonement Clemyth Pentagon icon Pentagon
Water Element Water
Stats Lv. 30 +5 Lv. 50 +10
Health Icon
3339 8650
Attack Icon
1484 4750
Defense Icon
697 2170
Speed Icon
33 33
How to acquire: Awaken Ancient Chisel Clemyth (+5 + 400 Awakening Shards + 300,000 Gold);
Clemyth became the last member of Pentagon on the condition that they wouldn’t interfere with her decisions. After completing the Staff of Providence, she once again started her search for the Land of Nowhere.
Mysterious Intelligence

Mysterious Intelligence

Passive Becomes immune to all damage 7 times. Increases Debuff Resist Rate by 50%. All allies become immune to 5-target attacks. Becomes Agile.
When attacked multiple times, receives damage 1 time and the rest will miss.
Perfect Trap

Perfect Trap

110' Inflicts 80% Magic Damage on 4 enemies 4 times. Exploit Vulnerability will take effect. Priority Effect Decreases the enemy‘s buff duration by 3 turns.
Exploit Vulnerability:
lnflicts greater Damage when activated. Able to inflict Damage to enemies who have a chance to Miss.
Priority Effect:
(This effect activates first.)
Defiance of Nature

Defiance of Nature

80' Decreases Hit-based Shield buff of all enemies by 3 hits. Decreases the targets’ charged Awakening gauge by a fixed amount. Puts the target to Sleep for 2 turns at a certain rate. Decreases the enemy's Defense by 70% for 2 turns.
Power of Salvation

Power of Salvation

Awakened Skill Protects all allies from debuffs 3 times. Increases all allies’ Awakening gauges other than the caster’s when using the skill. Removes debuffs from all allies.

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Clemyth’s Enchanted Map
Clemyth’s Enchanted Map
Stage 1
Decreases required awakening gauge.
(Awakened skill can be used more quickly.)
Stage 2
Skill Cooldown ~20%
Stage 3
Power of Salvation
Power of Salvation
The caster will be Concealed for 4 turns.
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