Aisha is the second Continent. It borders Asgar & contains four worlds. Each world in Aisha is run by one of the Four Lords. Some of the Four Lords of Old make an appearance aswell.

Worlds Edit

Moonlite Isle icon-0

Moonlit Isle Edit

Hot Time: + Gold Drop Rate
Hero List Daisy Icon
Hero List Jin Icon
Lina Icon
Hero List Rei Icon(1)
Hero List Ace(1)
Daisy Jin Lina Rei Ace
Western Empire icon-0

Western Empire Edit

Hot Time: + Jewel Drop Rate
Hero List Soi Icon(1)
Hero List Ling Ling Icon(1)
Hero List Mao Song Icon(1)
Hero List Bai Long Icon(1)
HEro List Tsing Tao Icon(1)
Hero List Lubu(1)
Soi Ling Ling Mao Song Bai Long Tsing Tao Lubu
Hero List Guan Yu6 Icon(1)
Hero List Zhao Yun Icon(1)
Hero List Zhuge Liang Icon(1)
Diaochan Icon
Hero List Da Qiao Icon
Toby6 Icon
Guan Yu Zhao Yun Zhuge Liang Diaochan Da Qiao
Episodes Here
Episode7-Kris Defeated
Episode 7 Resurrection of Kris
Eastern Empire icon-0

Eastern Empire Edit

Hot Time: + Accessory drop rate
Kang Jae5 Icon
Hero List Kwonho Icon(1)
Yu Shin Icon
Bi Dam6 Icon
Nezha6 Icon
Hero List Bai Jiao6 Icon(1)
Hero List Wukong(1)
Kang Jae Kwonho Yushin Bidam Nezha Bai Jiao Wukong
Dark Sanctuary icon-0

Dark Sanctuary Edit

Hot Time: + Item Drop Rate
Giparang Icon
Asura6 Icon
Hero List Bai Jiao6 Icon(1)
Jake Icon
Hero List Pascal Icon(1)
Hero List Karma
Giparang Asura Bai Jiao Jake Pascal Karma
Shadow's Eye icon

Shadows Eye Edit

Hot Time: + Pet Drop Rate
Hero List Jane Icon
Hero List Ballista AwakenSML
Sera6 Icon
Ellen5 Icon-0
Hero List Kyle(1)
Jane Ballista Sera Ellen Kyle
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