Alliance Commander Aragon

7 Stars Icon
Aragon7 Icon
Alliance Commander Aragon Terra icon Terra
Universal Element Universal
Stats Lv. 30 +5 Lv. 50 +10
Health Icon
3150 8089
Attack Icon
894 2493
Defense Icon
622 1897
Speed Icon SPD: 26 26
Recommended Equipment
Mhw-attack ? Jewel Icon ?
Mhw-defense s ? Jewel Icon ?
Activation Accessory icon ? Jewel Icon ?
Additional Information
How to acquire: Awaken Imperator Aragon (+5 + 300 Awakening Shards + 300,000 Gold);
“A soldier does more than blindly follow orders. Soldiers protect those they must protect. That’s what makes one a soldier. You understand this better than anyone, and that is why I entrust this position of Alliance Commander to you. I trust you will do well.” - Elysia
Veteran Savvy (Awakens) Veteran Savvy (Awakens) Passive For 1 hit, the damage received will not exceed 30% of max HP. Decreases cooldown by 10 seconds for all allies for each basic attack. (This effect is also applied to Counterattacks and Speed Attacks.) Protects all allies from damage reflection.
Guild Raid Mode Option:
Decreases fixed damage received by 30% for all allies.
Concentrated Fire Concentrated Fire Awakened Skill Inflicts 400% Physical Damage on all enemies. Increases damage by 50% for each empty enemy slot (includes fallen enemies).
Guild Raid Mode Option:
Increases damage for 1-target attacks from all allies by 75% for 6 turns.
Giganto Mortar Giganto Mortar 80' Inflicts 250% Physical Damage on 3 enemies. Additionally, Piercing will take effect. Decreases target’s Awakening Gauge by 30%.
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Aragon’s Letter of Appointment
Aragon’s Letter of Appointment
Stage 1
Counter Rate +20%
Stage 2
Crit Rate +30%
Stage 3
Concentrated Fire
Concentrated Fire
Increases damage for 1-target attacks of all allies by 100%.
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