Noteworthy Skills
Hero / Skill CD CD Description
Hero List Amelia7 SML Icon
A.Skill Decreases DEF of all enemies by 50%. Becomes Agile. Protects all allies from debuffs 4 times. Removes debuffs from all allies
Advanced Nanosuit
Advanced Nanosuit
Hero List Teo
Passive Nullifies Piercing Damage. For 1 hit, the damage received will not exceed 20% of max HP. Activates Wild Fury upon 3rd attack or launching a basic attack to the target under Block Nullification effect. Critical Hit will take effect for all attacks. Applies Damage Block effect for 3 turns on every 3rd attack received.
Crow Vision (Awaken)
Crow Vision (Awaken)
Damage Block:

Can’t inflict any damage except Status Effects until the Damage Block is removed. Casts a shield that transfers all damage to the caster.

Wild Fury:

Inflicts 100% Physical Damage 3 times on 1 enemy with the highest Defense. Piercing will take effect. Decreases the enemy’s buff duration by 3 turns.

Hero List Bathory
A.Skill Eliminates 1 enemy. (Prioritizes among the enemies in the front row.) Inflicts 2,000 fixed damage on all enemies 2 times. Additionally, removes the debuffs on all allies.
Bloody Festival
Wandering Hunter
Hero List Colt
Passive 1 hit 20% max HP shield. Nullifies Piercing Damage. Decreases the enemies’ Recovery Rate by 80%.

Applies Exploit Vulnerability for all attacks. Marks a target with each attack and activates Dark Bullet when attacking target with 2 Markers.

Wandering Hunter
Wandering Hunter
Dark Bullet:

Inflicts piercing damage to the target equal to 80% of ATK 2 times. Applies Crit & Decreases buff duration by 2 turns.

Hero List Platin Icon
Passive Applies Nestra’s Blessing to the caster for 4 turns. Alleviates 60% of damage received. Recovers HP by 100% of M.ATK up to 5 times if the HP drops below 50%. Increases damage dealt to enemy Universal Heroes by 80% for all allies
Nestra's Blessing
Nestra's Blessing
Hero List Kris7 Icon
Passive 1 hit 20% max HP shield.. Recovers 30% of all allies’ HP every time an enemy dies. Revives once for 4 turns.

Applies Death debuff at a certain rate with each basic attack. Immune to debuffs when reviving with Immortality.

Soul Drain (Awaken)
Soul Drain
Hero List Elysia(1)
A.Skill All allies become immune to damage 3 times.

Additionally, becomes immune to debuffs 3 times.

Removes the debuffs on all allies.

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Summons from Terra
Lu Bu
Hero List Lubu Icon
90' Inflicts 100% Physical Damage on all enemies 2 times.

Offsets enemy’s Defense.

Reduces the enemy’s buff duration by 3 turns.

Crimson Gale Slam (Awakened)
Crimson Gale Slam
Ryan Awakening Icon SML
100' Inflicts 80% Physical Damage on all enemies 3 times. Piercing will take effect. Increases skill cooldown by 20 seconds.
Ryan Skills Chestcut Gale
Chestcut Gale
Hero List Aquila
75' Inflicts 140% Physical Damage on 4 enemies 2 times.

Inflicts damage equal to 30% of the enemy’s max HP. Reduces the enemy’s buff duration by 3 turns. Increases the enemies’ skill cooldowns by 20 seconds.

Merciless Storm
Merciless Storm
Hero List Ace Icon
95' Inflicts 120% Physical Damage on all enemies 2 times. Decreases any hit shield buff by 3 hits. Additionally, increase the target’s damage received by 80% for 2 turns. Increases skill cooldown by 20 seconds.
Blossom Strike
Blossom Strike
Da Qiao
Hero List Da Qiao Icon(1)
100' Puts all enemies to Sleep for 2 turns at a certain rate.

Decreases the enemy’s buff duration by 2 turns.

Decreases the targets’ charged Awakening gauge by a fixed amount. Decreases any hit shield buffs by 2 hits.

Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream
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