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Earthen Aura
Aris Skills Earthen Aura
For 1 hit, the damage received will not exceed 20% of max HP. Decreases cooldown by 10 seconds

for all allies for each basic attack. (This effect is also applied to Counterattacks and Speed Attacks.) Protects all allies from being stunned. Increases Counter Rate by 50%.

Awakening Skill
Hazardous Presence
Aris Skills Hazardous Presence
The following effect will automatically be applied when the Awakening

gauge is fully charged. Grants Taunt effect to the caster. Increases damage for single target skills of all allies by 50%.
In Raid Dungeon Mode:
Increases damage for single target skills of all allies by 150%.

Activated Skills
Finishing Blow
Aris Skills Finishing Blow
100' Inflicts 600% Physical Damage on 1 enemy. Ignores the enemy's Defense and applies Critical Hit.
Crash It!
Aris Skills Crash It!
70' Inflicts 400% Physical Damage on 1 enemy. Additionally, Critical Hit will be applied. Removes debuffs from all allies.

Story Edit

Aris is the leader of the guild Blissful Grief. This guild was created by members of a wandering troupe who used to perform around the lands of Asgar. Aris's mother was the original guild leader. Aris made a deal with an Earth Dragon to protect her guild from the war that raged on in the Blazing Desert However the earth dragon tried to take over Aris's body, rather than try to co exist with her. This is why Aris always wears a necklace, to keep the earth dragon from successfully taking her over.

After her mothers death Aris became the Guild Leader of Blissful Grief and used her position to help out refugees. Later she gathered the lands wandering troupes and created a culture of peaceful interaction with them and the citizens. Aris is known for battling on the frontlines and was given the nickname "Aloof Yellow Smoke" due to the yellow smoke that rises from her body when using the Earth Dragon's power.

Aris7 big

Aris dispatched her guild members as her Vanguard even after the Guild Alliance was created. The Vanguard was in great danger under monster's attack, Aris requested reinforcements from the Pentagon but her request was ignored. In the end, Aris went to the battlefield to help her guild by herself. After annihilating the monsters, she is nice to Kyrielle and explains the situation kindly, despite the danger that her men faced due to Kyrielle's beauty and places the blame on Aragon's late arrival. Aragon apologizes and offers to guide her to the palace to meet Queen Elysia, and Aris highly anticipates many encounters with her for the future.

Aris notes to herself that she likes this group much more than the tedious Pentagon. Kyrielle expresses great discomfort, despite being polite to Aris for their first meeting. When handshaking, Aris kept the hold on her hand and Kyrielle retreated in discomfort.

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