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Ashen Blade Dancer Shane
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Skill CD Description
Demonic Power
Demonic Power
Passive Becomes immune to all Magic Damage for 6 turns.

Decreases the Awakened skill activation gauge slightly. Critical Hit will be applied for all attacks. (Normal attack, counterattack, speed attack, and skills included)

Demon Unleashed
Demon Unleashed
A. Skill Attack Skill will be powered up. Increases Critical Damage by 100%.

In Raid Dungeon Mode:
Increases Critical Damage by 300%.

Soul Slayer
Soul Slayer
40' Inflicts 500% Physical Damage on 1 enemy 2 times.
Immaterial Butcher
Immaterial Butcher
40' Inflicts 600% Physical Damage on 1 enemy. Inflicts an additional 500% Physical Damage

In Raid Dungeon Mode:
Inflicts an additional 1000% Physical Damage.

Exclusive Item

Shane's Crusaders Badge
Shane's Crusaders Badge
Stage 1 P.ATK / M.ATK +20%
Stage 2 Lethal Rate +20%
Stage 3
Demonic Power
Demonic Power

Increases Lethal Damage by 50%.

Backstory Edit

Hero List Shane Awaken
Shane's childhood went by quietly and peacefully in a small village,

until demons came and attacked it. During this attack, she witnessed her whole family killed by those demons. When the time came for her turn, surprisingly the demons were eliminated by giant magic-sword, wielded by Sieg. After this incident, Shane decided to follow Sieg and thus, later on joined the Crusaders.

The Crusaders thought that they needed demonic powers to fight against demons. Shane was their first attempt to give a human demonic powers.

Shane became a Special Agent with the Crusaders. Her demonic powers allow her to cut through enemies with supreme ease.

Shane almost lost her body to the demon when her powers went berserk, but she was able to seal it just in time. She carries the seal everywhere with her, just to be safe.Shane learned to master the demonic powers within her, becoming more powerful than ever. Behind her beauty lies the merciless power of both destruction and demon.

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