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Imperial Royal Guard Asura
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Eastern Empire
Universal Element
After the unification, she was trained in the imperial palace

and now only follows her Emperor's commands.

Sagacious Vision
Sagacious Vision
Passive Protects all allies from being paralyzed for 6 turns.

Becomes immune to all damage 3 times.

Spiritual Benediction
Spiritual Benediction
100' Recovers all allies by 70% of Magic Attack.

The effect will last for 2 turns.

Spiritual Penance
Spiritual Penance
72' Inflicts 200% Magic Damage on 1 enemy.

Directs all ally attacks on the target for 2 turns.

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Costumes Edit

CostumeArt Asura screen
Asura - Varsity Swimmer icon
Varsity Swimmer
Asura - Varsity Swimmer screen
Asura - Royal Reaper icon
Royal Reaper
Asura - Royal Reaper screen
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