Skills & Statistics Edit

Noble Knightess Atalanta
Atalanta Awakening S
Stat Icons SPD
Stat Icons HP SML
1919 5012
Stats Icon ATK SML
975 2837
Stat Icons Def SML
335 1016
Skill CD Info
Atlanta Skills Hunter's Spirit
Hunter's Spirit
Passive The caster will be Concealed for 6 turns.

(When activated, Normal Attack and Counterattack will not be inflicted upon the caster. Evades all attacks. Cannot be Concealed if hit with an incapacitating debuff.) Protects the caster from debuffs 3 times. All allies become immune to 5-target AOE attacks.

Atlanta Skills Moonlit Soul
Moonlit Soul
A. Skill Inflicts 80% Physical Damage on 4 enemies 3 times. Additionally, Piercing will take effect. Electrifies the enemy for 2 turns.
Atlanta Heavenly Arrow
Heavenly Arrow
90' Inflicts 100% Physical Damage on 4 enemies 2 times. Decreases any hit shield buffs by 2 hits. Additionally, nullify target’s Block for 2 turns.
Atlanta Skills iFnishing Strike
Finishing Strike
75' Inflicts Physical Damage equal to 120% of ATK on the 4 enemies with the highest Physical Attack or Magic Attack 2 times. Critical Hit will be applied. Decreases any hit shield buffs by 2 hits.

Background Edit

Atalanta Icon Render
Magic Hero Icon
Atalanta was abandoned by her birth father and raised by a group of hunters

who found her. Later, with her a competitive spirit and an exceptional talent for martial arts, Atalanta learned to handle various weapons.

When attacked by Hokin, the Goblin Chief under the influence of the Curse of Destruction, Atalanata jumped into the battle all by herself. With her speed and Kyrielle’s help, she successfully subdued Hokin.

As word spread that Atalanta had defeated the boar, she became famous seemingly overnight. Later, upon Kyrielle’s request, she became part of the expedition to investigate the Curse of Destruction, which made her even more famous.

When Atalanta was away from the expedition for a brief moment, all the members were killed in an ambush. Atalanta swore to find and punish those who attacked. She resumed the investigation on her own.

Hidden Masters icon
Hidden Masters
Atlanta Render Crop

Costumes Edit

Atalanta - Vow of Roses icon
Vow of Roses
Atalanta - Herald of Spring icon
Herald of Spring
Atalanta - Summer Hunter icon
Summer Hunter
Atalanta - Pursuer of Destruction icon
Pursuer of Destruction
Atalanta Vow of Roses Screen
Atalanta Herald of Spring Screen
Atalanta Summer Hunter Screen
Atalanta Pursuer of destruction Screen
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