Below is a chart of all current Awakenings. This page only shows the Heroes Skills & Speed attack. For full information on a hero see there hero page.

Special Hero Edit

Dark Knights - Awakening
Dark Knights icon

Mercure Awakening Screen(1)
Mercure Awakening Kit
Mercure 33
Dellons Awakening Screen(2)
Dellons Awakening Kit
Dellons 33
Bransel Screen
Branze Kit
Branze & Bransel 33
Platin Awakening med
Platin Kit
Platin 33
Alleyway Hunter Colt
Colt Kit
Colt 33
Revolutionaries - Awakening
Ryan Awakening Screen SML
Ryan Kit Crop
Ryan 33
Elysia Crop(1)(1)
Elysia Kit
Elysia 26
Kyrielle Awakening(1)(1)
Kyrielle Kit
Kyrielle 32
Hidden Masters
Klahan Screen render(1)
Klahan Kit
Klahan 32
Miho AwkScreen(1)(1)
Miho Kit
Miho 32
Roro Awakening Large
Roro Kit
Roro 33
Amelia Awakening Crop
Amelia Awk Kit
Amelia 32
Ingrid Awakening Screen(1)
Ingrid Awk Kit Crop
Ingrid 32
Atlanta Render Crop
Atalanta Kit
Atalanta 33
Kagura7 Render
Kagura Awakening Kit
Kagura 33
Genocidal Vampire Bathory
Bathory Kit
Bathory 33
Four Lords
Wukong Crop Render small
Wukong Awk Kit Crop
Wukong 26
Ace Awakening Render
Ace Awk Kit
Ace 33
Lu Bu Awakened Screen
Lu Bu Kit
Lu Bu 33
Evil Vanquisher Teo
Teo Kit
Teo 33

Seven Knights
Seven Knights icon-0

Kris Render 2
Kris Awk Kit Crop
Kris 26
Spike Awk Screen Crop
Spike Awk Crop Kit
Spike 26
Eileene AwakeningMED Render
Eileene Awakened Kit
Eileene 26
Fire of Resurrection Rachel Screen
Rachel awk Kit
Rachel 26
Vanessa7 Render
Vanessa Kit Large
Vanessa 33
Guardian Dragon Jave
Jave Kit
Jave 33
Aris Awk Render Small
Aris Awk Kit Crop
Aris 29

Night Crow Icon SML
Night Crow

Karl Awakening Render
Karl Awk Kit
Karl 26
Orly Awakening Render(1)
Orly Kit Crop
Orly 33
Aquila Small
Aquila Awk Kit
Aquila 26

Normal Hero Awakenings Edit

Guild Alliance
Spina7 Screen-XS
Spina7 Skills
Spina 31
Pathfinder of Peace Hayoung
Hayoung Kit
Hayoung 12
Knox Awakening SML(1)
Knox Kit List
Knox 26
Karin Awaken Screen(2)
Karin Kit
Karin 21
Nezha Awakening Crop Small
Nezha 26
White Wolf (Global)
Yuri AWK Medium
Yuri Awaken Kit
Yuri 31
Evan Hero Screen
Evan Kit
Lina Awakening Small
Lina Kit
Feng Yan Render
Feng Yan Kit
Feng Yan

Dark Magic Research Tower
Dark Magic Researcher Tower icon

Velika Awakening Render SML
Velika Awakening Kit Crop
Velika 32
Yushin Awk Render small
Yushin 32
Sebastian Awakening Screen Small
Sebastiant Crop Kit
Sebastian 29
Sylvia Awakening Render
Sylvia Kit
Fragments of Destruction - Awakenings
Da Qiao Awakening Screen(1)
Da Qiao Awakened Kit
Da Qiao 33
Hellenia Awakening Render MED
Hellenia Kit
Hellenia 20
Li Render SML
Li Awaken Kit
Li 26
White Death Snipper
*Out of date
Snipper Kit
Snipper 32
Chloe Awakening Screen
Chloe Kit
Chloe 26
Awaken Chancellor S
Chancellor AWK Kit
Chancellor 28
Rook AWK Small(2)
Rook AWK Kit
Rook 26
Crusaders Awakenings (Global)
Ruri Small
Ruri Kit
Ruri 33
Shane Awk Render(1)
Shane Kit
Sieg Render
Sieg Awakening Kit
Espada Screen (1)(2)
Espada Kit
Nia Awakened Screen(1)
Nia Kit
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