Bidam Edit

Backstory Edit

Born into a family of warriors, Bidam found his talent in archery, and at a young age he joined a young

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group of warriors called Hwarang. (4* Hwarang Bidam)

He got kidnapped when he was protecting the village from bandits, and was saved by Lee (Lee Jung) later. After, he trained hard and made a reputation as an Archery Master (5* Archery Master Bidam)

Bidam became the leader of the Hwarangs after his fighting skills were recognized. He once stopped a bandit attack by singlehandedly killing off the bandit leader. (6* Hwarang Leader Bidam)


Passive: Decendant of Hwarang Edit

Increases Speed Attack by _. Additionally, becomes immune to all damage _ times. (1 spd, 2 times, 4*) (2 spd, 2 times, 5*) (5 spd, 3 times, 6*) The speed bonus is already applied in the codex.

Skill 1: Mega Blasting Arrow Edit

Inflicts % Physical Damage on 3 enemies. Piercing will take effect. (100%, 4*) (120%, 5*) (140%, 6*)

Skill 2: Arrow Explosion Edit

Inflicts % Physical Damage on 4 enemies. Silences one target or more at a certain rate for 2 turns. Ignores the enemies' defense. (80%, 4*) (90%, 5*) (100%, 6*)

Awakening Edit

Gale Breaker Bi Dam

7 Stars Icon
Bi Dam7 Icon
Gale Breaker Bi Dam Fragment Search Party icon Fragment Search Party
Fire Element Fire
Stats Lv. 30 +5 Lv. 50 +10
Health Icon
2523 6118
Attack Icon
1075 3201
Defense Icon
479 1400
Speed Icon SPD: 31 31
Recommended Equipment
Mhw-attack SPD Jewel Icon Counter
Mhw-defense s Counter Jewel Icon Crit DMG
Activation Accessory icon Crit Rate Jewel Icon Damage
Additional Information
How to acquire: Unkown
I can’t disobey Her Imperial Highness, but I can’t ignore Lee Jung’s request either...

I guess I have no choice. I must Join the search party and investigate myself. - Bi Dam

Descendants of Hwarang Descendants of Hwarang Passive All allies become immune to Position and Formation Changes. Ignores the enemy’s DEF when using a skill.

Smart Mode Option: Evades all attacks for 5 turns. Marks the enemy with each attack. Activate Power of Hwarang when attacking the enemy with 2 Markers.

Divine Arrow Divine Arrow Awakened Skill The following effect will automatically be applied when the Awakening gauge is fully charged. Grants Taunt effect to the caster. Attacks 3 enemies with each basic attack.
Mega Blasting Arrow Mega Blasting Arrow 70' Inflicts 300% Physical Damage on the 3 enemies with the highest Defense. Piercing will take effect. Critical Hit will be applied.
Arrow Explosion Arrow Explosion 70' Inflicts 300% Physical Damage on the 3 enemies with the highest Defense. Critical Hit will be applied. Increases damage by 50% for each empty enemy slot (includes fallen enemies).
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Exclusive Item }}
Bi Dam’s Golden Crown
Bi Dam’s Golden Crown
Stage 1
Skill Cooldown -20%
Stage 2
Damage +20%
Stage 3
Divine Arrow
Divine Arrow
Divine Arrow

Decreases required awakening gauge. (Awakened skill can be used more quickly.)

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