Temple Saviour Branze & Bransel

Branze Crop Render
Stat Icons HP SML
2153 5700
Stats Icon ATK SML
1061 3240
Stat Icons SPD
Stat Icons Def SML
471 1460
"What? You don’t know where your own house is? Are you dumb?" - Branze

Backstory Edit

Temple Saviour
Branze & Bransel AWK Icon
The half Angel half Demon Brothers Branze & Bransel are nearly Identical. The older brother, Branze, wears dark clothing & has Black Wings. Bransel wears lighter clothing & has White Wings. This mixture of races caused the Brothers to be rejected & looked down upon by their Angelic counterparts. After being shunned his entire life Branze started acting out & eventually rebelled. This created conflicts with other Angels, leading to massive fights between these heavenly beings. Branze was then banished & Bransel left aswell and followed his old brother.

Following their banishment, the pair wandered the continent with nowhere to go. Starving & Exhausted they ran into an apprentice priest who helped them. The brothers followed the Priest and settled into a new life at the temple. They still liked mischief & were often scolded by the high priest because they couldn’t control their strength. Eventually they became the Temples Guardians.

During the war the brothers guarded the temple, exerting tremendous power against the trespassing enemies of the village. However, the temple was destroyed by the wreckage of a huge explosion that seemingly came out of the blue. The High Priest known as Platton promised if they help him he would be able to restore the temple. They followed him.

“I followed Platon because he told me that I could save the temple if I followed him. But the guy in charge is the one who destroyed the temple?! Once the temple is restored, I’m going to punish him!” - Branze

Dark Knights
Bransel Screen
Latest Appearance Episode 23
Branzel emoticon
Exclusive Item Level 1
Half Blood Wings
Branze & Bransel's Half Blood Wings
Level 2
Lethal Rate


Good and Evil Authority: Goes Berserk for an additional turn.

Skills Edit

Skill CD Info
Good and Evil Authority
Good and Evil Authority
Passive Becomes immune to all damage for 4 turns. Attack 2 times on basic attack. Increases Accuracy Rate. (Accuracy Rate decreases Evasion Rate.) Additionally, goes Berserk for 3 turns if damage received is higher than the current HP.

Berserk: Removes debuff(s) when activated. Survives with 1 HP while the buff is activated the following buffs will additionally be applied. Becomes immune to debuffs. Increases ATK by 60%.

Saving Strike
Saving Strike
A.Skill Inflicts 90% Physical Damage on all enemies 3 times. Piercing will take effect. Decreases the enemies’ buff duration by 3 turns. Decreases Recovery Rate by 80% for 2 turns.
Powerful Rampage
Powerful Rampage
105' Inflicts 130% Physical Damage on 3 enemies 2 times. Ignores the enemy's Defense and applies Critical Hit. Launches Chain Attack when target is dead.

Chain Attack: Allows for 1 extra attack when activated. The effect can only be activated once.

Black and White Dual Strike
Black and White Dual Strike
85' Inflicts 90% Physical Damage on 4 enemies 2 times. Inflicts damage equal to 30% of the enemy's max HP. Decreases hit-based shield buffs by 3 hits.

Costumes Edit

Branze & Bransel - Troublemakers icon
Branze & Bransel - Troublemakers screen
BranzeBransel Costume
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