Weiser Button story



Episode 2:

☀Dellons Strikes Back

Episode 3:

☀The War Begins

Episode 4:

☀Burning Sea

Episode 5:

☀Invisible Threat
Episode 6:
Wukong vs. Jave
Episode 7:
Resurrection of Kris
Episode 8:
Banquet of Death
Episode 9:
The Awakening

Episode 10:

☀The Curse of Destruction

Episode 11:

☀The Chaos of Light
Episode 12:
☀The Madness of the Darkness
Episode 13:
☀The Darkness Quickens

Episode 14:

Defeated by the Heavens

Episode 15:

☀Burning Ice Heart

Episode 16:

☀Heaven’s Staircase

Episode 17:

☀The Return of the Supreme Ruler

Episode 18:

☀Rescue by Good and Evil

Episode 19:

☀Immortal Successor

Episode 20:

☀The Time Traveler

Episode 21:

☀Aloof Yellow Smoke

Episode 22:

☀Heavenly Sword
Episode 23:
☀Prophecy of Resurrection
Episode 25:
☀Dark Movements
☀A General's Virtue

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