Location: Mystic Woods

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Yui's Song: Chapter 1
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The Adventure Begins
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Snipper the Hunter
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Being Framed
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The Start

Kris goes on patrol in place of Rudy. All of a sudden...he hears a big explosion go off nearby...

Yui's Song - Chapter 1.3: Being Framed
Kris6 big
I can't believe Rudy traded shifts with me just to see that kid off. He still doesn’t act like one of the Seven Knights. Hmm... That patrol sure is late getting back...
A light suddenly shoved the land with an earthquake.
Kris6 big
Knox6 big
What the?! What's going on here?! Hey, are you alright? Hey! ...Are there any other survivors? Commander...
Knox?! What happened? A great... light... burned us all... There was... a white knight... He was... ukk!
Light? A white knight...? You mean... Rudy?! Hey! Only Rudy and I can use the Power of Light... Rudy... How dare he betray us!
Rook6 big
We found a survivor, sir! Sir Rudy is over here! He’s injured!
Kris6 big
Rudy?! Damn, is this some kind of a trap? Hang on, Knox. I won't let you die.
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