Location: Mystic Woods

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Yui's Song: Chapter 1
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The Adventure Begins
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Snipper the Hunter
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Being Framed
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The Start
Yui's Song - Chapter 1.4: The Start
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Finally, we've reached the edge of Terra.
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These Goblins! They're more reckless than before. It's getting late.

Let's find a place to rest for the night. You guys get some sleep.

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Karin, aren't you tired? This is nothing. Actually, I feel better now that I'm moving around!
Our journey will really begin when we leave the woods. Karin, are you sure you're okay traveling with me? What are you talking about, Evan?
I feel like I'm dragging you into my problems... And this will be a long and difficult journey... Evan, you rescued me! I owe you my life. This is nothing compared to that... Or, are you saying I won't be any help to you?
No! No way! I'm helping you because I want to, Evan. It's a bit scary for me to settle down in a village, anyway. Let me do what I want... at least for a while.
Thanks, Karin. Haha. Don't worry about it.
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Fox's Oasis is in the Blazing Desert. We have to go through Silent Mine and on to Fodina, so it's going to be quite a long journey. We need to make sure we're prepared.
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