Location: Silent Mine

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Yui's Song: Chapter 2
Smoky1 big(1)
Silent Mine
Raccoon3 big
From the Heavens
Eileene6 big
Fodina's Empress

Evan and company stopped smoky from requesting backup. While battling against the orcs, they found a celestial being...

Yui's Song - Chapter 1.2: From the Heavens
Evan2 big
Did we stop the reinforcements?
Karin1 big
Evan! Look there!
Raccoon3 big
A Human body with chicken wings! Double the taste!
Hellenia3 big
How ignorant, Orc! Receive your just punishment from this sword!
Snipper4 big
Those wings! Why is a Heavenly Being here?
Raccoon3 big
Look here, Orcs! Fresh meat has arrived! Show them how strong we are!
Evan2 big
Oh no, we're outnumbered! We have to save that Heavenly Being!
You won't get away!
Karin1 big
Hey! Over here!
Hellenia3 big
...I guess those Humans aren't trying to kill me. Very well...
Evan2 big
Hurry! This way!
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