Alleyway Hunter Colt

7 Stars Icon
Colt7 Icon
Alleyway Hunter Colt Dark Knights icon Dark Knights
Fire Element Fire
Stats Lv. 30 +5 Lv. 50 +10
Health Icon
3265 8564
Attack Icon
1442 4672
Defense Icon
681 2142
Speed Icon SPD: 33 33
Recommended Equipment
Mhw-attack Speed Jewel Icon Lethal
Mhw-defense s HP Jewel Icon Critical Damage
Activation Accessory icon Willfull Ring Jewel Icon Counter
Additional Information
How to acquire: Summon Shop
I tried to abandon you when you were drowning in despair, but I couldn't. You saved me last time, so it must be my turn to save you...right?
Wandering Hunter Wandering Hunter Passive For 1 hit, the damage received will not exceed 20% of max HP. Nullifies Piercing Damage. Applies Exploit Vulnerability for all attacks.

Marks a target with each attack and activates Dark Bullet when attacking target with 2 Markers. Decreases the enemies’ Recovery Rate by 80%.

Hunting Finale! Hunting Finale! Awakened Skill Inflicts 150% Physical Damage 3 times on 3 enemies with the highest Physical Attack or Magic Attack.

Additionally, piercing and Critical Hit will take effect.

Fast and Fabulous Fast and Fabulous {{{sk1CD}}}' Inflicts 120% Physical Damage on 4 enemies with the highest Physical Attack or Magic Attack 3 times.
How’s That? How’s That? {{{sk2CD}}}' Inflicts 150% Physical Damage on all enemies 2 times. Additionally, Piercing will take effect.

Decreases the enemies’ buff duration by 3 turns.

{{{skill4}}} {{{skill4}}} Effect Info {{{sk4desc}}}
Exclusive Item }}
Colt’s Aiming Goggles
Colt’s Aiming Goggles
Stage 1
Lethal Rate +30%
Stage 2
P.ATK/M.ATK +20%
Stage 3
Hunting Finale!
Hunting Finale!
Hunting Finale!

Reduces the enemy’s buff duration by 4 turns

Bubble Pop
Colt - Bubble Pop icon Colt Bubble Pop Colt - Bubble Pop Promo
Health Icon +200
Attack Icon +40
Defense Icon +20
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