Wind God Giparang Stats Base Max
Giparang Wind God
947 3832
584 2197
244 1002
30 30
Dark Sanctuary icon
Dark Sanctuary
"After the war broke out he was appointed as a Royal Guard by the Emperor. 'He obtained great power from the Emperor."
Gip Anemoi's Successor

Anemoi's Successor

Immune to all damage 2 times. Additionally, if killed, he will revive with Immortality for 3 turns. In this state become Invincible and increase Critical/Counter Rate a lot.


Purifying Aeolus

Purifying Aeolus

Inflicts 80% Physical Damage on all enemies. Additionally, increases the damage by 30% for each missing enemy and stuns the enemy for 2 turns at a certain rate. 100'
Gip Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

Inflicts 50% Physical Damage on 4 enemies 2 or 3 times. 85'
Windfist Giparang Codex
Giparang Windfist
"With his power to control wind and his knowledge of qigong, Giparang was second to none. However, after losing to Teo, he vanished."
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