Four Lord Karma Idol of Sorrow Karma Sage of Despair Karma
Karma Four Lord(1)
Karma Idol of Sorrow(1)(1)
Karma Screen(1)
Sage of Despair Karma
Karma Screen(1)
Stats Base Max
HP 1507 5810
ATK 632 2257
DEF 441 1575
SPD 26 26
"Karma noticed the changes in Pascal after the emperor met Bai Jiao, and wanted to' leave the palace, but he decided to stay to protect Rin from Bai Jiao."
Karma Passive Icon

Idol of Sorrow

Blocks all enemy attacks, and becomes immune to all damage 4 times.

(This effect also applies to Ignore Armor and Piercing Attacks.)

Increases the Damage of all allies by 50%

Activated Skills Cool


Karma Agonizing Tempest Icon

Agonizing Tempest

Inflicts 60% Magic Damage on all enemies 2 times.

Critical Hit will be applied and piercing will take effect

Karma Infernal Redemption Icon

Infernal Redemption

Inflicts 80% Magic Damage on 4 enemies 2 times.

Decreases the target's buff duration by 3 turns.

Karma - Cyclone screen
Karma - Cyclone icon
Karma - Vengeful Blades screen
Vengeful Blades
Karma - Vengeful Blades icon
Karma - Destroyer of the Abyss screen
Destroyer of the Abyss
Karma - Destroyer of the Abyss icon

Backstory & Lore Edit

Hero List Karma
Universal Type Icon SML
"He was elected as one of the Lords for his display of power during the

wars. He fell into despair after noticing all the blood he split and ends up serving under Pascal. When Karma was in his deepest state of sorrow, Rin helped him overcome his sadness and regret. He began to develop feelings for Rin after this point. Karma noticed the changes in Pascal after the emperor met Bai Jiao, and wanted to leave the palace, but he decided to stay to protect Rin from Bai Jiao. "

Karma fought in the battle destruction. Fighting to ensure Rin's Safety During the battle, Karma saves Rin from a dangerous Bai Jiao and promises her that he will always protect her.

Later he wrote a letter to Seven Knights:

"Seven Knights from the West, I know you might be surprised to receive a letter from the enemy. I am writing none other reason but because of the Emperor Pascal. As you might already know, the infamous Emperor Pascal has been tainted by greed ever since he met Bai Jiao. But everything is planned and acted by both of them. The Emperor seeks greater power by acquiring rest of the awakening jewel pieces. He has been planning this since the war started.

As you might have already realized, the awakening jewel, which once belonged to the God of Destruction, can not be destroyed that easily by humans. He now has his eyes fixed to absorb the jewels from the west. You have been tricked to be summoned here by Pascal and Dellons.

I have a lady that I wish to protect. She has sworn to serve the Emperor, so it is my duty to protect her, therefore I cannot leave her. However, I wish to overthrow the Emperor as well, but I am not foolish, my power is insufficient. If you, Seven Knights, can capture the Emperor, Rin and I will be free.

But you know that your powers are also insufficient to overwhelm the Emperor. So, I here, by will, tell you how to acquire the power from the jewels. I once possessed the same power, and I have clear undestanding of its power. You seem to be suppressing its power subconsciously but that is not how you use that power. You must become one with the jewel's power to obtain its full potential.

For detailed explanation, ask the Moonlight.

- Karma."

Karma Large Render
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