7 Stars Icon

Awakening Edit

First Captain Kyrielle
Kyrielle Awakening(1)
Hero List Kyrielle
2691 6526
1118 3628
Revolutionaries icon
512 1661
"She became the first captain of the Revolutionaries after Elysia became

queen due to her precision with her bow"

Kyrielle Passive Icon2

Festival of Stars

Becomes immune to all damage 7 times. Increases Debuff

Success Rate by 30% for all allies in the front row.

Decreases the Counter Rate of all enemies by 60%.

Attacks 2 enemies with each basic attack.

Kyrielle Light of Darkness Icon

Light of Darkness

Becomes immune to all damage 7 times.

Removes debuffs from all allies.

Activated Skills Edit

Kyrielle Regulus Icon


80 Inflicts 100% Magic Damage on 4 enemies 2 times. Ignores

the enemies’ Defense. Decreases any hit shield buffs by 2 hits.

Kyrielle Meteor Shower Icon

Meteor Shower

100 Inflicts 80% Magic Damage on all enemies 2 times.

Piercing will take effect. Stuns targets for 2 turns.

Exclusive Item Edit

Kyrielle's Crossbow
Kyrielles Crossbow
Stage 1: Damage +20%
Stage 2 Crit Damage +30%
Stage 3
Festival of Stars
Increase allies awakening

gauge charge speed

Lore Edit

Kyrielle has ties to the Shadow Clan though its not known if she is a former member. After disappearing during assassination training she was believed to have died, however she was saved by a hunter. This hunter later sacrificed his life for her. Kyrielles father was the head of the shadow clan before he was murdered by Kyle. After losing her father Kyrielle found out she is sisters with Ballista. She is currently captain for Elysia's army

Titles & Rank
Kyrielle Skill
Reapers Daughter Archer Revolutionaries Member
Kyrielle 4star Hero(1)
Kyrielle 5star Hero(2)
Kyrielle 6Star hero(3)
"She went missing as a young girl while undergoing rigorous assassination training. She was 'thought to be dead when even the Shadow Clan couldn't find her. A hunter saver her life when she went missing during her training, and she learned how to use a bow and arrow. On the day the curse of destruction was cast, the hunter died trying to save her. She ended up joining the luminous Revolutionaries to destroy all of the monsters. She became the first captain of the Revolutionaries after Elysia became queen due to her precision with her bow"

Costumes Edit

Kyrielle - Pink Plum Blossommed
Pink Pink Blossom
Kyrielle - Pink Plum Blossom icon
Kyrielle - Water Gunner costume
Water Gunner
Kyrielle - Water Gunner icon
Kyrielle - Starry Night Ocean screen
Starry Night Ocean
Kyrielle - Starry Night Ocean icon
Kyrielle - Swan Princess screen
Swan Princess
Kyrielle - Swan Princess icon
Kyrielle - Starlight Guide screen
Starlight Guide
Kyrielle - Starlight Guide icon
Kyrielle - Mini-Mini costume
Mini Mini
Kyrielle - Mini-Mini icon
Kyrielle - Blue Constellation costume
Blue Constellation
Kyrielle - Blue Constellation icon
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