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Glacial Ruler Lania
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Frozen Land
Her reign has lasted for many a year. It is said her magic prevents her from aging.

Lania is known to summon blizzards to eliminate any threats that arise

on Frozen Land. She became the true ruler of the Frozen Land by

protecting the vast icy territory for many, many years.

Latest Appearance: Burning Ice Heart - Episode 15
Story-Spike LaniaDeath
Ruler of the Tundra
Ruler of the Tundra
Passive Protects all allies from being frozen for 6 turns.

Additionally, freezes the enemy for 2 turns

during an attack at a very high chance

Ice Splinter
Ice Splinter
74' Inflicts 180% Magic Damage on 1 enemy.

Freezes enemy for 2 turns at a certain rate.

90' Inflicts 80% Magic Damage on all enemies.

Freezes the enemy for 2 turns at a certain rate.

Relatives Son
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