Mimics are heroes disguised as chests that can appear in Adventure Mode. Encountering a Mimic gives a special reward depending on the rank of the mimic encountered.

Greedy Chest Mimic
Mimic1 Icon
Treasure Chest Mimic
Mimic2 Icon
Pandora's Box Mimic
Mimic3 Icon
Mimic1 m
Mimic2 m
Mimic 3m
Increases Gold Drop Rate by 10%. Increases Item Drop Rate by 10%. Increases Hero Drop Rate by 10%.

Resembling an old treasure chest,

this Mimic contains a mysterious black object inside.

The mouth of this silver chest is stained with the blood of those who dared to put their hands inside.

Pandora's Box is said to be beautifully decorated to entice passerbys to open it. This Mimic was nicknamed as Pandora's Box for this reason.

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