Starlight Mage Ariel Edit

Starlight Mage Ariel Stats
Ariel Awk
Ariel Stats30
Ariel Rec Items
Ariel Stats40

Kit Edit

Ariel Passive Blessing of God
Becomes immune to Physical Damage for 4 turns.

Protects all allies from being blinded for 6 turns

increases the Critical Rate by 40%

Awakening Skill
Ariel Awakening Skill
Resets the skill cooldown for all allies.

Increases the Damage of all allies by 50% for 3 turns.

Active Skills Edit


of Light

Ariel Active Judgment of Light
(80 Sec)
Inflicts 100% Magic Damage on all enemies

Increases the Damage by 20% for each empty enemy slot

Blinds the enemy for 2 turns at a certain rate.

Bright Light
Ariel ActiveBright Light
(74 Sec)
Inflicts 100% Magic Damage on all enemies.

Removes all buffs from the enemies.

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