Sun Wukong Edit

"A stone monkey born in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. Born with a tough body, he was able to dominate other living beings on the mountain and rose to the throne"

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"He was such a troublemaker that the Jade Emperor made him Keeper of the Cloud Horses to keep him occupied. When he learned that his duty was a farce, he caused more trouble. Instead, he was told to guard the peaches in Heavenly Garden."


"His mischief caused him to be locked away, but Xuanzang the monk rescued him. He joined the monk in his journey and was recognized for his accomplishments, eventually earning the Buddhahood "

Passive Edit

Final Avatar

Increase Magic Attack by 50%. Revive with 80% HP and summon up to 4 avatars for 2 turns. (Avatars will have 60% of the originals abilities.)

Skills Edit

Jumbo Pole

Attack an enemy with 230% Magic Attack. Piercing Guaranteed.

Split Image Strike

Attack 3 enemies with 150% Magic Attack. Ignore the targets Defense.

Awakening Edit

Awakening Overview
Wukong Awk Icon
Monkey King


Wukong Crop Render small
Wukong Awk Kit Crop
Four Lords icon-0
Four Lords
SPD: Kit

Costumes Edit

Sun Wukong - Gentleman's Dignity icon
Gentleman's Dignity
Sun Wukong - Destroyer of the Abyss icon
Destroyer of the Abyss
Sun Wukong - Guild Guardian icon
Guild Guardian
Sun Wukong - Count of Revenge icon
Count of Revenge
Wukong sml Costume
Wu Legendary Costume Screen
SWukong Guild Guardian Screen
Wukong Count of revenge Screen
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