Ownerless One XiaoEdit

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"Hello my name is Xiao, also known as No. 23. I am a zombie who obeys the commands of my master. Fighting is scary and hard, but I cannot run away"

"Master wanted to revive someone. Someone that master loved passed away on the battlefield. To prevent this sadness from recurring I made the suggestion to create immortal soldiers"

"My master died. Somehow I feel a bit saddened. But as long as this tailsman is still attached to me, I will move according to my master's wishes"


Zombies Charm Edit

Immune to all attacks for 2 turns.


Energy Drain (CD 70) Edit

Attack an enemy with 190% Physical attack. Additionally increase Skill Cooldown by 50 Seconds.

Arise, Zombie! (CD 90) Edit

Attack all enemies with 85% Physical Attack. Additionally increase the targets Skill cooldown by 30 seconds.

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