Black Rose Edit

Black Rose
Black rose rank up

Skills & Stats Edit

Black Rose action shot

Passive: Secret Garden Edit

Becomes untargettable to enemies for 3 turns. Reduces 5-target AOE attack damage by 50%, and becomes immune to debuffs.

Becomes immune to all damage recieved 3 times. (This effect also applies to Ignore Armor and Piercing Attacks)

Skill 1: Infiltrate Edit

Inflicts 160% Physical Damage on 2 enemies. Piercing Guaranteed. 76 sec cooldown

Skill 2: Fallen Rose Edit

Inflicts 140% Phyiscal damage on 3 enemies. Additionally, decreases the buff duration by 2 turns. Bleeds the target with 200% Physical Attack for 2 turns. 100 sec cooldown

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