Daisy Edit

"Oh, tsk, tsk... it seems you've lost your way. Why don't I show you the way to the underworld?" - 8-10 flavor text.


Backstory Edit

Daisy is Ace's older sister and the leader of the Lunar Guardians. She studied Yin-Yang and Ninjutsu to protect her little brother. (4* Lunar Guardian Leader Daisy)

The Lunar Guardians are also known as the soldiers of the night. Naturally, the ninjas of the Lunar Guardians address Daisy as the Night Ruler. She doesn't seem to mind. (5* Night Ruler Daisy)

Have you ever seen crimson butterflies that light up the night sky? Unlike moths that fly into the fire and die, these butterflies become fire and death, and fly to you. (6* Crimson Butterfly Daisy)

Passive: Agile Movement Edit

Increase all allies' Magic Attack by %. Additionally, become Immune to all damage for _ turn(s). (20%, 1 turn, 4*) (30%, 1 turn, 5*) (40%, 2 turns, 6*)

Skill 1: Dancing Fan Edit

Attack an enemy with % Magic Attack. Piercing guaranteed. (150%, 4*) (250%, 5*) (350, 6*)

Skill 2: Fire Butterfly Edit

Attack 4 enemies with % Magic Attack. Decrease Defense for one target or more by % for 2 turns. (80%, 30%, 4*) (90%, 40%, 5*) (100%, 50%, 6*)
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