Dark Justice Silvesta

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Dark Justice Silvesta Dark Knights icon Dark Knights
Water Element Water
Stats Lv. 30 +5 Lv. 50 +10
Health Icon
5727 8650
Attack Icon
3002 4750
Defense Icon
1381 2170
Speed Icon
33 33
How to acquire: Awaken Purification Destroved Silvesta
When Dellons and Mercure appeared out of the blue and cursed Silvesta, he lost his memory and became confused. However, he didn’t forget his unwavering sense of Justice or his desire to save the world that had turned to chaos due to Pascal’s tyranny.
Knight's Will

Knight's Will

Passive Applies Marker Nullification effect to the caster. Nullifies Piercing Damage. Ignores the enemy’s DEF when using a skill.

Additionally, goes Berserk for 7 turns if damage received is higher than current HP.

Agony of Condemnation

Agony of Condemnation

90' Inflicts 80% Magic Damage on 4 enemies 3 times. Critical Hit will take effect. Has a high chance to Burn the target. Launches Chain Attack when target is dead.
Chain Attack
Allows for 1 extra attack when activated. The effect can only be activated once.
Dark Strike

Dark Strike

70' Inflicts 100% Magic Damage on all enemies 2 times. Increases the enemies’ skill cooldowns by 20 seconds. Has a high chance to Burn target.
Dark Purification

Dark Purification

Awakened Skill Inflicts 100% Magic Damage on 4 enemies 3 times. Amplifies Burn effect 2 times. Decreases the targets’ charged Awakening gauge by a fixed amount. Resets used Awakening skill

Berserk Effect Info Removes debuff(s) when activated. Survives with 1 HP while the buff is activated; the following buffs will additionally be applied. Becomes immune to debuffs. Increases Debuff Success Rate by 30% for all Magic type allies for 7 turns.
Exclusive Item }}
Silvestas Evidence of Purification
Silvestas Evidence of Purification
Stage 1
Dark Purification:

Decreases required awakening gauge.
(Awakened skill can be used more quickly.)

Stage 2
Skill Cooldown -20%
Stage 3
Dark Strike
Dark Strike
Priority Effect; Reduces the enemy’s buff duration by 3 turns. This effect activates first.
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