Former member of the Seven Knights, founder of the Dark Knights, Dellons is the eldest son of the Black Scythe family and was given the name Snolled Black Scythe.
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The Black Scythe family famous for its knighthood in the Empire of Skytria. He was raised as one of the elite, mastering the art of swordsmanship among many others. He was knighted in his late teens, and earned fame by proving his capabilities time and again. When he was 25, he was given a mission to escort the princess, Claudia. During the course of the mission, they fell in love with each other. The two were soon engaged. However, Claudia was killed during a political unrest by the Silver Sword family. Snolled then started investigating the Silver Sword family, to which they responded by sending an assassin to kill him out of fear that he may reveal their secrets...

Dellons met Vanessa in her child form as she is also a time traveller. However, their meeting wasn't pleasant. Vanessa feels saddened because Dellons becoming insane due to losing both his sister and his fianceé.
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Affinity; Season 1

He was famed as the mysterious Black Knight and a reaper although nobody knows where he comes from. He killed all living things in the Dark Grave and all that was left for him was death itself. His thirst for power and death is insatiable, often putting him at odds with the . He brings chaos to the Asgar continent.

Affinity; Season 2

Later, Dellons joins the in hope of obtaining the fragments of destruction and revive his dead lover. Dellons allies with Bai Jiao and they're one of the main antagonists. Dellons causes major wars and catastrophes throughout the story. As of now he seems to be making a deal with Sun Wukong. Dellons kidnaps Karin and asked the Dark Magic Research Tower to experiment and find Yu Shin and Nezha. Dellons followed Teo's footsteps on the Heavenly Stairs and he instead found Sun Wukong and Seven Knights. When all fragments of destruction gather, Dellons will start a war with .

Death Lord Dellons Edit

"Dellons Regained his sanity and went on to become ruler of the unclaimed dark grave. He now commands the Undead army from this area"



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Boundary of Death

Immune to all damage for 2 turns. Increase all allies damage by 40%

Advent Grim Reaper

Inflicts 160% damage on 4 enemies. Silence one or more target for 2 turns

Deadly Strike

Inflicts 280% Physical damage on one enemy. Silence target for 2 turns

Annihilation King Dellons Edit

Annihilation King Dellons

7 Stars Icon
Dellons7 Icon
Annihilation King Dellons Dark Knights icon Dark Knights
Fire Element Fire
Stats Lv. 30 +5 Lv. 50 +10
Health Icon
3340 8411
Attack Icon
1451 4777
Defense Icon
639 1992
Speed Icon SPD: 33 33
Recommended Equipment
Mhw-attack Critical Rate Jewel Icon Counter Rate
Mhw-defense s Counter Rate Jewel Icon Critical Damage
Activation Accessory icon Critical Damage Jewel Icon Damage
Additional Information
How to acquire: Awaken Death Lord Dellons (+5 + 500 Awakening Shards + 300,000 Gold);
After embrancing the Power of Destruction, Dellons, was able to wield its true power. As on of the Dark Knights, he is attempting to gather the Fragments of Destruction, but his true motives are unknown."
Reaper's Blessing Reaper's Blessing Passive Increases Damage of all allies by 60%. Becomes immune to all damage 7 times. Protects all allies from damage reflection. Increases Debuff Resist Rate by 50%.
Grip of Annihilation Grip of Annihilation Awakened Skill Attacks 3 enemies with each basic attack. Becomes immune to all damage 7 times. Additionally, applies Critical Hit for each basic attack. Resets all skill cooldowns.
Deadly Strike (Awakened) Deadly Strike (Awakened) 80 Inflicts 200% Physical Damage on 1 enemy 3 times. Critical hit will be applied and piercing will take effect. Decreases all enemies’ buff duration by 2 turns.
Reaper's Judgment Reaper's Judgment 100 Inflicts 90% Physical Damage on all enemies. For one target or more, deal an additional Damage of 20% of the target's max HP. Silences the enemy for 2 turns at a certain rate.
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Exclusive Item }}
Dellons' Infernal Dual Sword
Dellons' Infernal Dual Sword
Stage 1
Counter Rate +20%
Stage 2
Crit Damage +20%
Stage 3
Grip of Annihilation
Grip of Annihilation
Grip of Annihilation

After using the skill, ignores target's defense on basic attack.

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