Demon of Destruction Pascal is the 5th World Boss.

Demon of Destruction Pascal
WB Demon of Destruction
Demon of Destruction Pascal Icon
Passive Massively decreases all enemies’ Attack.

Massively decreases all enemies’ Crit Rate.

Massively decreases Physical damage.


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Skills Edit

WBPascal skill1

Destruction: Divine Authority (CD:60s)

Inflicts 100% Physical Damage on 4 enemies 2 times. Piercing will take effect

Reduces enemy's buff duration by 2 turns.

Converts the enemy's current HP to 1 at a certain rate (unaffected by any Immunity)

Truth: Gate to Abyss (CD:80s):

Inflicts 200% Physical Damage on 4 enemies. Critical Hit will be applied and
Poisons enemy for 2 turns at a certain rate.

Rampant Energy (CD:60s) *effect interchanges with every skill use (e,g. A-B-A-B..):

Inflicts 3000 fixed damage on all enemies. Piercing will take place.
A) Guards all magic damage. (Guard nullifies piercing damage as well)*
B) Guards all physical damage. (Guard nullifies piercing damage as well)
Additional Info
Blue Shield:
Guard all Magic damage
Orange Shield:
Guard all Physical damage
Nullifies all Damage (Including Piercing Damage)

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Other Team comps
Magic Team
Heals Decrease


Support +ATK Backliner
Hero List Lina Awaken Icon(1)
Hero List Rachel Icon
Hero List Aris Icon
Velika Awakening Icon SML
Image description
Lina Rachel Aris Velika Spina
Physical Team
Hero List Lina Awaken Icon(1)
Hero List Rachel Icon
Hero List Aris Icon
Hero List Eileene Awakening Icon
Image description
Lina Rachel Aris Eileene Snipper

Note: This boss deals much more damage then compared to the others. Make sure you have a way to decrease DDP's damage. If you are still having trouble with this boss you can replace Soi / Velika with another support or healer. Spina is the preferred Backliner for this boss.

With Fixed DMG, Poison, low skill cooldowns & HP to 1 effects Pascal requires a more defensive approach than the other world bosses. Make sure your healers (Lina) ATK is high enough to full heal your team.You 'll want to open with Rachel. First apply her decrease DMG skill, then increase DMG received skill & make sure its active threw out the match. Use Lina's heal when needed & then her Awakening skill to give your team +100% Crit dmg.

Im not doing any damage to the boss, whats wrong?

Pascals skill Rampant Energy gives him immunity to either Physical damage or Magic Damage. This effect changes with each use so if you're using Spina & see that Aris's counter is dealing damage you'll know he's currently immune to Magic Damage. When he uses Rampant Energy again he will become immune to Physical Damage. *DDP is immune to Magic Damage at the beginning of the match. Since your Backliner won't be able to deal damage while he is immune you'll want to make sure all of your buffs are ready for when his Immunity changes.

Recommended Accessories
6★ 5★ 4★
Ring of Speed
Ring of Speed
Evasion 30% 20% 10%
Luxurious Ring of Venom
Ring of Venom
Poison Resistance +60% 40% 20%
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