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Episode13 Sebastian

The Darkness Quickenss

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The Rising Darkness
Terra has been thrown into chaos. The Revolutionaries of Light protect those withing the chaos, and...
Revolutionaries med
As the curse of destruction spread across the world, the monsters began to wreak havoc.
While Rudy was away from Terra, the king seized the opportunity to take the Throne of Light for himself and tyrannized the land. The people resented Rudy and the king for their current plight and hoped that a new Light would appear. Alas... such were the times...
Episode12 Revolutionaries-med
Rudy has abandoned us, while the king oppresses us. We must rely on each other and fight to protect ourselves. Let us band together. We will remove the errant king and create a peaceful world that is safe for everyone!
Yeonhee disappears in the middle of the crowd...
An Unknown Place.
Yeonhee Story s
Where do you think you’re going? Your mission is to stay here and wait.
Mercure Story sm
I’m feeling restless. Am I not allowed to go on walks?
Yeonhee Story s
Well, if you’re going to go on a walk, there’s no need to take your sword with you, is there?
Mercure Story sm
I just don’t want to get caught off guard. If I were to run into the Seven Knights without a weapon...
You’re just itching to test out the magic research findings... You’re pretty smart, young one.
Stay here while I’m still saying it nicely. You’d be wise to listen to me. You look young, but I guess you’re an old soul inside considering you’re going around advising people.
Mercure Story sm
But you see...I’m not young either. I’ll be back. Tell the general for me.
Story Episode 12 (13th)
Yeonhee Story s
It’s happening exactly as Dellons said it would. Did he truly see all of this happening...?
Story Episode 12 (3rd)
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Tory Episode 12 (4th)
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Tory Episode 12 (5th)
Story Episode 12 (11th)
Story Episode 12 (6th)
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Story Episode 12 (7th)
Story Episode 12 (13th)
Story Episode 12 (8th)
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