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The Darkness Quickens
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Burning Ice Heart
The Darkness Quickens

Burning Ice Heart

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Waiting Wanderer Edit

Story Sun Wukong Icon
After the Curse of Destruction spread, I headed for Sage Peak. That fool, Niu Mo Wang, became stronger than ever after receiving power from the Curse of Destruction. But my body continued to break down because of it. That’s why I received the teachings from the sages. I gained power from the sages, but it became harder and harder for me to keep the seal intact.
Story Niu Mo Wang
Niu Mo Wang:
Damn you, Sun Wukong! How long are you going to be a slave to the heavens?!
Story Sun Wukong Icon
Haha, I get that you’re feeling powerful and all, but I think you should settle down now.
Story Wukong Awk

Niu Mo Wang’s words set fire to the powder keg of rage within me I had tried to ignore for so long. I tried to comfort myself by saying it was all for Sanzo, but the rage... exploded in the end. The Power of Destruction began to seep in through the crack in my heart. Soon all I could think about was defeating “him,” and saving Sanzo.

I tried to suppress those feelings by following the teachings of the sages, but it was no use. He then approached me. He offered me a deal and said he wanted to help me. I knew it’d be dangerous, but... Yes, I chose to accept the Power of Destruction. The process was excruciating, but...
I could feel that I had become more powerful. Then I came to the realization that the time had finally come.
Sun Wukong7 big
Wukong Background(2)
The time to end my rage and return to the Heavens.
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