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Wukong Background(2)
Episode16-Heavens Staircase

Defeated by the Heavens

Heaven's Staircase

Episode Location:
The Frozen Land: Ice Castle
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Burning Ice HeartEdit

Story Episode15-Opening
Some time ago...
Spike: I dont think there's enough strength left in me to resist any longer...Be resolved! I will obtain that throne!
Frozen Land: Ice Castle
After what happened then a wave of unknown emotions washed over & I was set adrift.
Story-Spike LaniaDeath
Her final words disappeared into the chaos
Story Spike Throne Render
and it seemed like I would forget, just like that.
But... After losing to Teo, I felt something fiery & overwhelming. An intense rage, burning inside that would not be put out...Feelings...
Story-Spike LaniaDeath
"Fiery sun burn even stronger. Enough to melt away the bitter cold...."
Story-Episode15-5 Render
Power, fueled by emotion...The lesson you’ve taught me with your sacrifice. I will never forget Mother...
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