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Eileene Episode 17

Burning Ice Heart

The Supreme Ruler

Episode16-Heavens Staircase

A long time ago the ancients, to reach the heavens, climbed the ‘Heaven’s Staircase,’ an island in the sky. However, the staircase was destroyed with the gods’ intereference, and the Heaven’s Staircase was slowly forgotten. Teo discovered the Staircase, which had been hidden between dense clouds and called it the ‘Nest.’ He made the Nest his new home, and to stop the repetitive disorder of the world he recruited associates and made preparations.

Meanwhile, the Fragment of Destruction Scouts, who had been researching the Curse of Destruction alongside the Seven Knights arrive at the Nest, having chased after Evan, who they’d run into at Shadow's Eye. All ascend the Heaven’s Staircase to reach what they’re dreaming of. Will they follow the footsteps of the ancients or will they walk forward on a path of their own?
Meanwhile, in another place...

Teo: The beams of light are breaking through. The moment Orly mentioned seems to be now. You’ve held them off well so far. You’ve changed a lot throughout this year, but your kind heart hasn’t changed. It’s a strength all your own. But it wasn’t just you - your friends seemed to have the same heart. Take a look at yourself. If I had truly tried to stop you, you would not be as whole as you are now. You will someday realize how to communicate using a sword. I’ve talked for too long. I will expect you to be yet again different the next time we meet, Evan.

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