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The War Begins

Dellons Strikes Back
By the time we got here, everything was already over....
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StoryArt Kris ep2
Huh. Wasn’t expecting you this fast...
StoryArt Episode2 Dellons(1)
Too bad I can’t kill you right this moment, but I also don’t want to die here.
Dellons signaled his hand to the sky, revealing a beam of light, that made him instantly disappear. After Dellons vanished, Rudy ran straight to Kris. Kris, while gasping for air, struggled to say:
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StoryArt Kris ep2
Don't pity me, Rudy. Lich Bane's betrayal was inevitable.
StoryArt Rudy ep2
There's no shame in being concerned for your friend.
You haven't changed a thing, Rudy. Where did Dellons disappear to?
StoryArt Kris ep2
To the East. He's beginning to realize the Fragment of Destruction's true potential.
StoryArt Rudy ep2
This isn't good.
Evan! There was only one person I could trust.....
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Episode2 Evan
You called?
StoryArt Rudy ep2
Depart for the East at once. Dellons must be stopped
Evan immediately set sail towards the East.
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