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Episode4 Eileene

The Burning Sea

The War Begins
StoryArt Episode3-1
Evan: Dellons!!! Your greed ends here!
Evan delivered the final blow to Dellons, who was already very weak with fatigue when Dellons vanished into thin air, leaving a wisp of smoke behind.
StoryArt Episode3-2
Suddenly, a long pole appeared out of nowhere, striking Evan's head, but instantly knocked Evan out.
StoryArt Wukong Icon
Sun Wukong:
Impressive, you managed to take out one of my Phantom doubles.
Story Art Episode3 Karin
Evan! Can you hear me? Evan!!!
The smoke cleared, revealing the figure that knocked Evan out. Stood there, was a monkey with a grin on his face swinging his long pole around and about.
StoryArt Wukong Icon
Sun Wukong:
Don't worry, I didn’t kill him yet. He's too valuable to die.
Hellenia: You!!!
Story Art Episode3 Karin
Hellenia, you know this monkey?!
Of course. He’s the troublemaker of the Celestial World - Sun Wukong. From what I know, he was locked away in the mountains long ago.
StoryArt Wukong Icon
Sun Wukong:
My, my, what's a noble valkyrie doing down here on the ground? So you're

already aware of who I am - quite an honor. Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Sun Wukong. One of The Four Lords.

Hellenia: Are you here because Dellons ordered you so?
StoryArt Wukong Icon
Sun Wukong:
Ahahahahahaha! You guys humor me! Foolish mortals!

Well, I'll be off. Nimbus!

StoryArt Episode3-4
Rudy arrived as soon as Sun Wukong left.
StoryArt Rudy ep2
Darn! I just missed him... Is Evan alright?
Story Art Episode3 Karin
He’s just knocked out at the moment. What are you doing here, Rudy?
The Four Lords are thinking of extracting out the demonic powers absorbed by Dellons. If the Four Lords take that power, disaster will be inevitable. We have to stop them!
Evan’s party and Rudy were full of apprehension as they waited for Evan to regain consciousness.
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