Main protagonist in the Story of Seven Knights. Evan's Father is the commander of Mystic Woods. Evan began his adventure seeking to hone his swordsmanship and gain various other experiences. On his journey Evan meets Karin and saves her when Karin's village is raided by goblins.
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After his contribution in defending the Mystic Woods from Knox, he was appointed the Commanding General by Rudy. Evan returned to Rudy from his journey throughout the entire Asgar, and Rudy entrusted him as the Commander of the army, seeing that he returned much stronger than when he left, his powers being second to no one.

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Evan then found out that Terra is under the threat of attack from Lich Bane and Kris and is planning an expedition, and he was given the title of Supreme Commander for the job.

Evan does everything in his power to save Karin from both Dellons and the Seven Knights. Evan meets Teo and is trained by him. Evan was last seen with Teo in the Moonlit Isle where the two saved a struggling Ace.

Titles & Ranks

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