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Basics: The 5 Essentials
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Basics: The 5 Essentials
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What is Farming?[]

Farming in Seven Knights is Auto-repeating a stage until "fodder" reach LVL 30. When a hero reaches LVL 30 you're rewarded 2 rubies.

The most common Farming setup is Auto-repeating a stage 7 times (With XP Buffs) with a team set up of: 4 fodder and 1 Farmer. (For how to use fodder see here; or Beginners Guide)

How does farming work?
Each time a hero reaches level 30, you are rewarded with Rubies (5 Rubies the 1st time a hero reaches 30, 3 rubies each time afterwards) There is no limit on the amount of times you can receive this reward
How to Farm Rubies:
Auto repeat a stage until a hero reaches level 30. The most efficient way to farm is in Asgar (Worlds 1-7). Asgar stages have 3 Waves, so you'll need a total of 3 AOE attacks, 1 for each wave.
What hero should I use to farm?
Nia. You'll want a Hero that can clear 3 waves by themselves allowing you to 4 fodder farm. Nia is by-far the best Farmer (Nia's passive Makes all allies Immune to DMG 2 times) so awaken Nia ASAP.

If you have Nia already Jave is great for farming Normal Stages quickly

Hero List Nia Awaken(1).png
Fodder Fodder
Fodder Fodder
What Stages to Farm?
To make sure you don't run out fodder to level up you'll want to Farm somewhere with different types of Fodder. Stages 6-10 & 7-10 are good for 1 & 2 fodder. 13- 1 threw 13- 4 are good for 3+ fodder. 8-10 threw 8-15 are good for Gold Farming.
How should I manage my keys while Farming?
It takes 7 keys to Level up a hero from 1 to 30. You regenerate 1 key Every 10 mins. You stop regenerating keys once you reach your Max Key Regen amount (*Amount depends on player LVL) . Always make sure you're regenerating Keys. Use Honor, Daily Quests, Guild Check in for extra keys. Rubies can also be used
I'm running out of fodder, how do you keep a steady supply of fodder coming?
Some of this is strictly RNG, there are times when your unlucky & fodder doesn't drop. The main answer to this is to stock up on fodder during Saturday & Sunday's Hot Time.

During this time the Hero Drop rate on Worlds 1 through 7 are greatly increased. World 13 always increases hero drop rate during Hot Time.

Farming Overview
7 Keys = 4 Fodder LVL 1 - 30 & 12 Rubies. It takes Nia about 5 mins to level four fodder up to 30 (Without Boost). Leveling up 100 fodder with Nia takes 25 teams with 4 fodder,will cost 175 Keys, takes roughly 1 hour 40 mins, and rewards 300 Rubies.
Gold Farming Mid - End Game
While you should try to always farm with fodder, sometimes you really need gold.

During Hot Time World 8 gives extra gold, stage 8 - 15 Easy costs 2 keys and takes 40 seconds to clear with Nia & gives roughly 20k gold each run.

8-15 (Hot Time) 4 hours = 3.8 Million gold

What should I do with all of my fodder?
You should use most of your fodder on fusing 3 heroes to expand your hero pool or to Rank up Elements. Power up your 3 heroes to +5 (it takes three 3☆ & one 2 to +5 a 3 hero)

Best Ruby Farmers[]

All 4 Fodder Farmers
Hero Farming Overview
Hero List Nia Awaken(1).png
3 AOE Skills; All Pierce

Debuff Immunity Self; Fodder Immune to DMG 2 times

Quick Skill Animations/Clear Time

Hero List Jave Icon.png
2 AOE Skills; 1 Pierce

Debuff Immunity Self; Basic ATK decreases skill CD

Very Quick Skill Animations / Quick Clear Time Normal

Hero List Chancellor Awaken(1).png
3 AOE Skills; 2 with Pierce

High DMG % on Skills

Medium Clear Time

Hero List Yuri Awaken Icon.png
3 AOE Skills; No Pierce

Very Quick Skill Animations/ Medium Clear Time

Hero List Klahan(1).png
3 AOE Skills; 2 with Pierce

Long Skill Animations

Hero List Kyle(1).png
2 AOE Skills; AOE Damage every 3rd attack

Medium Clear time

Hero List Miho(2).png
3 AOE Skills; 1 with Pierce

Long Clear time

Hero List Roro(1).png
3x AOE Skill; 1 with Pierce

Medium Clear Time