Feng Yan Edit

"Protecting this place is my duty. Your journey ends here." - 9-5 flavor text


Backstory Edit

Even after losing hope along with his fallen commander, Feng Yan continued to be chivalrous, helping any other in need. (4* Wind Knight Feng Yan)

Under Soi's father's tutelage, he became famous for fighting with multiple swords. His ability to wield numerous swords earned him the nickname of Storm Blade. (5* Storm Blade Feng Yan)

His relentless practices eventually earned him the nickname Blade Lord. No one can surpass his ability to wield numerous swords. (6* Blade Lord Feng Yan)

Passive: Sword Shield Edit

Immune to all attacks for _ turn(s). (1 turn, 4*) (2 turns, 5*) (3 turns, 6*)

Skill 1: Gigantic Sword Edit

Attack an enemy with % Magic Attack. (300%, 4*) (450%, 5*) (600%, 6*)

Skill 2: Thousand Blades Edit

Attack all enemies with % Magic Attack. Decrease Damage for one target or more by % at a certain rate for 2 turns. (70%, 25%, 4*) (75%, 30%, 5*) (80%, 40%, 6*)
White Wolf Feng Yan Awakening
Feng Yan Render
Feng Yan Kit
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