Guardian Dragon Jave

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Guardian Dragon Jave Seven Knights icon Seven Knights
Universal Element Universal
Stats Lv. 30 +5 Lv. 50 +10
Health Icon
4483 10394
Attack Icon
1233 3888
Defense Icon
779 2378
Speed Icon SPD: 26 26
Recommended Equipment
Mhw-attack Lethal Jewel Icon Crit DMG
Mhw-defense s HP Jewel Icon Lethal
Activation Accessory icon Evasion Jewel Icon A.gauge inc
Additional Information
How to acquire: Awaken Ancient Dragon Knight Jave (+5 + 500 Awakening Shards + 300,000 Gold)
Jave defeated Ice Dragon Mekarth with the power that Weiser, Guardian Dragon had left. Later, Jave made himself a promise to succeed Weiser as the Guardian and protect not only humans but also Dragons.
Guardian’s Armor Guardian’s Armor Passive Reduces damage received by 50% and reflects the reduced damage back onto the attacker. Becomes immune to all damage 6 times. Critical Hit will take effect for all attacks and removes a Shield from the target. If the damage received is higher than the current HP, fully recovers HP once and grants 50% Vitality for 4 times.
When Vitalized heroes use their Skills, they recover HP proportional to the P.ATK or M.ATK of the hero who casted Vitality.
Guardian’s Will Guardian’s Will Awakened Skill The following effect will automatically be applied when the Awakening gauge is fully charged. Removes debuffs. Become immune to 5-target attacks. Increases damage for 5-target attacks by 50%. Increases Debuff Resist Rate by 50%.
Furious Strike (Awaken) Furious Strike (Awaken) 94' lnflicts 70% Physical Damage on all enemies 3 times. Piercing will take effect. Stuns the enemies for 2 turns at a certain rate. Reduces the enemy's buff duration by 3 turns.
Dragon Fury (Awaken) Dragon Fury (Awaken) 102' lnflicts 80% Physical Damage on all enemies 3 times. Burns the enemy 3 times at a certain rate. Switches the enemy’s front and back rows. The skill will be changed to Guardian's Wrath when used.
Guardian's Wrath Guardian's Wrath Effect Info lnflicts 70% Physical Damage on all enemies 4 times. Burns the enemy 3 times at a certain rate.
Exclusive Item }}
Jave’s Guardian Charm
Jave’s Guardian Charm
Stage 1
Recovery Skill +30%
Stage 2
Skill Cooldown -20%
Stage 3
Guardian’s Will
Guardian’s Will
Decreases required awakening gauge.
(Awakened skill can be used more quickly.)
Dragoon Jave
Dragoon Jave
Dragon Knight Jave
Dragon Knight Jave
Ancient Dragon Knight Jave
Ancient Dragon Knight Jave
Guardian Dragon Jave
Guardian Dragon Jave
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The youngest member of the Seven Knights. Jave was abandoned by his parents and left in the Dragon Ruins, the elder dragons, the Guardians, chose to raise Jave with other Dragons. During his childhood, he met other humans which peaked his curiousity. Jave then headed into town but he was shunned by the villagers due to his supernatural abilities...

Shocked and exiled, Jave was hurt and came to hate other people. The Guardians foresaw the danger that an emotional & hate filled Jave could cause, so they entrusted him with a Dragon egg to teach him a sense of responsibility and to control his own emotions. This Dragon egg eventually hatched and became the Dragon called "Red". Through time he conquered his emotions and became friends with Rudy and Spike. He is still no different from a child when it comes to human emotions.

Awakening / Season 2

The cheerful personality of Jave is quieter than before. He admires the great dragon's teachings and realizes that the dragon had entrusted him with strength and wisdom. With the help of Spike, he managed to defeat the ancient dragon that controlled blizzards, being thankful and greatly appreciating Spike. Jave knows that Eileene is interested in him, however he pretended to not know and acted clueless (there seems to be chemistry between the two). Rudy and Jave are not enemies, but Jave is confused about the path that Rudy took. Jave holds no grudge to Kris, but Kris is not so interested.

Pet Jev
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