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Guilds Edit

When a player reaches Lv. 5, Commander Aragon will introduce the player to Guilds, and suggests the player to join or create one.

Once the player has joined a guild, you will be rewarded 30,000 Gold. The player is free to leave the Beginner's Guild, and the rest is up to player's decisions.

You must be a member of a guild to participate in Castle Rush, Guild War & Guild Dungeon

Guild Points Edit

The Guild is awarded depending on the difficulty of previous day's Castle Rush. These guild points can only be collected after Castle Rush reset and can be used to upgrade guild level, guild skills, and construct buildings.

Point Rewards Edit

Difficulty CR Points Guild Points
Easy 15,000 3 Guild Points
Normal 2,000 1 Guild Points
Hell ? ?

Guild Structures Edit

The Guild Leader has the ability to construct buildings and collect buffs.

There are 6 buildings: Castle, Guild Dungeon, Inn, Smithy, Research Center, and Watchtower.

It costs guild points to start construction of a building and gold can be donated by any member to reduce construction time. Every 10,000 gold donated reduces a construction by 1 minute.

The guild leader must collect each buffs every day after reset in order for the guild to gain the effect.

Guild Castle Edit

Guild Castle
Guild Castle
The Castle is the main structure of your territory. The Castle's level determines the max level for all other structures.
Level Guild Level Cost Time Effect
1 5 200,000 24 HRS Ability to build level 1 of the other buildings
2 6 500,000 48 HRS Ability to build level 2 of the other buildings
3 7 1,000,000 96 HRS Ability to build level 3 of the other buildings

Guild Dungeon Edit

Guild Dungeon
Guild DungeonStructure
This structure unlocks the Guild Dungeon game mode

Inn Edit

Structures: Inn
Guilds Inn(1)
The Inn provides various buffs to all guild members. However, only 1 of

the 3 buffs is granted to players each day. The buff will only be effective in Adventure, Celestial Tower, Raid, and Daily Dungeon.

Possible buffs:
  • Physical Attack, Magic Attack
  • Defense
  • Physical & Magical Attack, Defense
Inn Levels
Level 1 5 500,000 24 HRS +10% Random Buff
Level 2 6 2000,000 48 HRS +15% Random Buff

Smithy Edit

Structures: Smithy
GUild structuree
The Smithy adds buffs for the guild in Castle Rush and Guild War. This passive buff increases Physical/Magical Attack
Level Guild Level Cost Time Effect
1 5 200,000 24HR +1% Physical/Magical Attack
2 6 500,000 48HR +2% Physical/Magical Attack


Research Center Edit

Structures: Research Center
Guild Structure(1)
The Research Center provides additional points in Guild War and Castle

Rush. You can receive Guild Points every day, and can receive a boost in Castle Rush points. The Guild Points can only be claimed by the Guild Master once a day.

Level Guild Level Cost Time Effect
1 5 200,000 24HR +10% Castle Rush points, 1000 Guild points
2 6 500,000 48HR +15% Castle Rush points, 1200 Guild points

Watchtower Edit

Guild Structure
The Watchtower is a building that provides a debuff for enemies and a

buff for allies. The enemies' Block Rate is decreased while allies' Lethal Attack is increased. These effect are only effective in MediaWiki:Badtitletext and Guild War.

Watchtower Buffs
Level 1 -1% enemies' Block Rate, +1% allies' Lethal Attack
Level 2 -?% enemies' Block Rate, +?% allies' Lethal Attack
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