Before the war of destruction struck, Hayoung was the successor to a shaman family, which worked for Pascal’s family. She was the daughter of the royal priest and his successor.

After the war occurred, Hayoung was evacuated from her home and travels to the Asgar. Feeling closed off from her family, Hayoung joined the Ghost Troupe to travel the lands. After the curse of destruction spread,she foresaw the impending chaos in visions brought to her by the souls of her ancestors.
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Monsters start attacking her family and the Guild Alliance comes to help her. She later decides to join the guild to help bring back peace to the world. She absorbs the power of destruction with the help of the souls in her lantern and awakens.. In order to end the chaos and restore peace in the lands, she joined the Vanguard of the Allied Guilds.

Affinity wise, Hayoung tells Ryan she is nervous (she might have a crush on him). She asks Spina to protect her and tells [[Codex - Elysia|Elysia}} she will trust her.

Titles & Ranks
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