Night Crow Karl Heron Edit

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Night Crow Karl Heron
Hero List Karl Awaken Icon
Karl Awakening Render


30 +5 46 +10
Speed 26
HP 2404 6765
P. Attack 768 2346
Def. 462 1394


Karl Awk Kit
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Ex: Karl Tank Team Comp
Karl Awakening Render
Knox Awakening SML(1)
Elysia Render
Rook AWK Small(2)
Karl Knox Elysia Kris Rook

Review Edit

Lets take a look at Karl, the Brother of Eileene & the 2nd Night Crow Member. He has 4 types of DMG reduction in his kit; All Block; 50% DMG Reduction (Self); - 50% Pierce DMG, - 50% Offensive DMG Recieved. This makes him a Tank, even at lower levels.

Passive A - All Block with 50% DMG Reduction makes Karl one of the harder Tanks to kill in Seven Knights. In a Meta with Ryan, Miho, Kyle & Klahan on most teams, Karl's -50% Offensive DMG received is extremely helpful. This improves the survivability of Knox, Elysia & Kris aswell.

Awakening Skill B- - At 1st glance  his Awakening Skill looks like it would set him up to takeover the game by Nuking the enemy, Healing himself & Reseting Cooldowns (Self). However without Crit. Ignore Defense or Multi hit his awakening Skill does not hit very hard & gives him a minor heal, making his awakening skill lackluster most of the time.

Skills A- - The good part about Karl's skills is they always have an impact on the Game. His 1st Skill always targets Enemies Nukers, hits twice (3k Fixed DMG, 230% ATK) & Electrifies at a decent Rate. His 2nd Skill has 3 effects (-50% Pierce DMG, CD-30, Reduce Buff 2 turns), at the start of a match all 3 of these effects are useful, later in a match at least 1 of these will be useful.

Pros Edit

Guaranteed Block/50% DMG Reduction - Makes him very tanky even at lower levels.

Helps mitigate damage against Chancellor and other Offensive Units.

High priority buff removal skill (2 turns).

Fixed damage, CC & CD Decrease in one package

Pairs well with Knox, Elysia & Kris (Universal Heroes)

With Shield up Karl Reduces DMG in 4 Different ways: All Block; 50% DMG Reduction; - 50% Pierce DMG, - 50% Offensive DMG Recieved


Awakening Skill has low DMG making the Heal effect lackluster

Special Hero - Hard to obtain

Arena Karl will be a staple for Tank teams for awhile. Now Tank Comps have 3 all Block units (Karl, Knox & Rook). He also protects Elysia from Pierce DMG & makes Kris relevant again
Tower of Abyss

In TOA Karl starts to fall off.  - His Kit takes time to get going, resulting in longer clear times.

+CD decrease & Buff Reduction is helpful all around.

+Debuff Resist Rate is useful for protecting your backliner

Celestial Tower Raid World Boss


More of a situational Hero in CT; Karl's Passive & Shield are a good counter  for certain Floors


CD Reduction is the only useful thing Karl has for Raid. He does make Eileene & Sieg less likely to be Burned aswell


+CD Reduction

+ Debuff Resist (Sieg; Eileene)

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