Phoenix Empress Eileene Edit

Overview 📉 Edit

Phoenix Empress Eileene
Eileene Awakening Icon
Eileene AwakeningMED Render


30 +5 50 +10
Speed 26
HP 4483 10394
P. Attack 1233 2888
Def. 779 2378


Eileene Awakened Kit
Ex: Eileene Tank Team Comp
Eileene AwakeningMED Render
Karl Awakening Render
Spike Awakening Render Sml
Nezha Awakening Crop Small
Eileene Karl Spike Kris Nezha

Review (In Progress Edit

Lets take a look at Eileene, the sister of Karl Heron & the 3rd member of the Seven Knights to recieve an Awakening.

Before we get into her best asset, her passive, let's look at her skills. All of her skills hit 3 times (100% DMG x3 | 1,500 Fixed DMG x3) This makes her a solid Hit Shield Shredder.

Activated Skills:Eileene's 1st skill, Lightning Spear, is one of the few skills with Buff Reduction & Piercing. Add on Crit & this skill will always have an impact on the game. Her 2nd Skill, Powerful Bolt can be situational. A 5 Target Electrify with 4.5k Fixed DMG & 3 hits is nice if the enemy doesn't have Debuff Immunity or 5 Target Immunity. If they do this skill doesn't do much.

Passive B+: | Her Physical attack buff has been increased to 100%. Just having her on the board helps Twins to shine. In terms of survivability she is above average with high HP, a 20% HP shield & Revive. But no DMG immunity makes her squishy without the right team comp.

Awakening Skill A- | Situational. If it hits Early it can be a huge Swing your way. Other times its countered completely & delaying an awakening skill ends up making the match worse.

Skills A-

Pros Edit

Works well in a Tank comps & Offensive Comps.High DMG output

High DMG output; +100% P.ATK makes Branze & Bransel an excellent nuker even at lvl 40

Three 3 Hit Skills

High CC Rate; High Burn Rate

Fixed damage, CC,

Works well in Tank comps & Offensive Comps


No DMG Reduction; Limited Survivability

2/3 skills are countered by Atalanta

Special Hero - Hard to obtain

Quick Review Edit

Arena Eileene will be a staple in Tank & offensive teams for awhile. Now Tank Comps have 3 revive heroes (Eileene, Kris & Wukong).

In TOA Karl starts to fall off. - His Kit takes time to get going, resulting in longer clear times.

+CD decrease & Buff Reduction is helpful all around.

+Debuff Resist Rate is useful for protecting your backliner

Celestial Tower Raid World Boss




With her awakening Eileene is now stricly better

then Velika.


+100% P.ATK

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