Hero Spotlight: Night Stalker Kyle
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Weekly Spotlight - Kyle Edit

The third four lord of old has arrived! Let's take a closer look at his kit.

Kyle is an offensive powerhouse. His base speed is extremely high at 32, tied only with Klahan, Rin, & Kyrielle.

Both of His skills have high multipliers & each hit 3 times (50%x3; 150%). On every 3rd attack he deals another 150% Damage and removes all enemies buffs. This (along with his high speed) makes kyle the premier void shield shredder at the moment.

Onto his passive, "Immune to all damage 12 times, decreases per hit. Every 3rd attack inflict 150% damage & removes buffs. Protects allies in the same row from 4 target attacks." His hit shield is the same as RIn who has been a star in the meta for awhile. The 3rd attack proc is a good damage boost, but its real use is to hard counter zombie units (Teo, Kris, Gip,bai long).

Protecting all allies from 4 target attacks is very good at the moment considerig Yuri, Rin, Elysia, Kyrielle & Karma all have 4 target attacks. This also makes Kyle counter himself as one of his skills is 4 target without pierce.

  • Arena: SS
  • Adventure: S+
  • Tower of Abyss: S
  • Celestial Tower: A
  • Castle Rush: D
  • Raid: D
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