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Spotlight: Bai Long a.k.a Bruce Lee!! Edit

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Bai Long, wait, wait, Bruce Lee! The all or nothing martial artist. Lets take a closer look at his skills and how he performs in the major modes in Seven Knights Edit

Castle Rush Rating B Edit

His passive skill; undead effect (come back to life after death) is not needed as much against a S7 hero. He has one the highest non 7k attack so his normal/skill attacks will hit pretty hard. He can remove buffs from all enemies which helps some days Ex: Rudy.

Raid Rating: B Edit

Bruce lees high attack rating along with his undead passive allows him to always stick for at least 4 turns & deal a lot of damage before dying to high level dragons.

Arena Rating A Edit

The Arena is where Bruce Lee shines and put into the team with Kris (giving 2 zombie Effects) means 3 turns invulnerability after death & dmg up. Note that the The team around him does need to be able to stay alive for awhile aswell.

His counters are Nia, Ruri, Rudy, any buff reduction really and CC.

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