Ballista Stats & Kit Edit

The newest member of the Shadow Clan, Ballista the PvP Specialist has arrived! Ballista is the Daughter of the Shadow clans (now deceased) Leader; Deathbringer.

Other notable relationships include: Kyrielle (Sister) Sera (Best Friend) Kyle (Enemy, Killed Ballista's Father)

Let's take a look at her Skills & Stats.

Deathbringer Reincarnate Ballista Stats
Ballista with Phys Icon




4420 1132




2515 31

Passive Edit

Skill Edit

Becomes immune to all damage 5 times. Inflicts 140% Physical Damage on 3 enemies.
Provides a chance to Evade all attacks. Decrease enemy Recovery Rate by 60% for 2 turns.
On every 3rd attack, inflicts 2,000 piercing damage on all enemies. inflicts an additional 140% Physical Damage

at a high chance.

Awakened Skill Edit

Becomes immune to all damage 5 times and becomes immune to debuffs for 3 turns

Ballista Overview Edit

As a PVP Specialist, Ballista shines in Arena & Guild War. She is currently the 2nd hero & only Normal Hero with the Evade Mechanic & inflict X damage on 3rd attack mechanic. To take full advantage of her passive's 3rd attack mechanic (2,000 piercing damage on all enemies) you'll want Ballista to have the Highest counter and Highest (or be tied) Speed on your team.

Her SPD clocks in at 31. This can be problematic since most of the heroes she will be placed in a team with have 32 SPD (I.E Klahan, Kyrielle, Miho). This makes a SPD Jewel or Limit breaking her SPD to 32 very worthwhile.

Ballista's Skill set at first glance doesn't seem very great. A closer look however, shows Ballista is a very Consistent performer. Her Skill dodges Kyle's passive & the decreased recovery rate is great against Kris, Evan, or Karin comps. Ballistas Awakening Skill is pretty straightforward. Combined with her Passive this gives her immunity to Damage 10 times, the highest amount in game. The Debuff Immunity coupled with her Evade mechanic gives her very high survivabilty.

Arena: SS

Guild War: SS

Adventure: B

Celestial Tower & Tower of Abyss: B

Castle Rush & Raid: D

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