Costs to Awaken Heroes
Hero Type Awakening Shards Needed
Awakening Shard Icon
Gold Icon
Normal 300 Awakening Shards 300,000
Special 400 - 500 Awakening Shards 300,000
Costs to Awaken Jewels
Jewel Type

Awakening Shards Needed

Boss / 7K 50 500,00
Four Lord 50 800,000
Obtaining Awakening Shards: Free
Area # of Awakening Shards Entry Restriction
Daily Dungeon (Insane) 20 Once each day
Monthly Quest 50 Once each 28 days
Unkown Area


3 Twice each week


Unkown Area


3 Twice each week


Weekly: 152 ---
Monthly 658 ----
Obtaining Awakening Shards: Paid / Other
Topaz Shop 100 100 Topaz
Guild War Shop 5 60 GW Coins
Smart Shop 50 3 Terra Coin
May's Lucky Calendar 100 (50 Twice,100 total) $9.99
Costs for Awakening units

Normal heroes, Evan, require 300 Awakening Shards, Special units like the Luminous group and Night Crow Group like Karl Heron of Orly requires 400, and Seven Knights, Four Lords, and Dark Knights such as Dellons, Spike, and Wukong, require 500.

The total gold cost for the upgrade is 300,000 gold, no matter the hero's rarity; however, heroes are required to be level 30 with +5 enhancements to be eligible to awaken. Also only a select amount of units can be awakened,you can check at any time by looking at the codex to see which units have their awakened form or not.

Once an awakened hero reaches to 40, they can be enhanced to +10, but at any time mined by looking at the codex to see which units have their awakened form or not. You can still transcend awakened units through normal means before they were awakened, meaning Finas and non-awakened clone.

Methods of obtaining shards

You can obtain shards by the first completion of daily dungeons per day. As you continue to go to higher difficulties, you can gain up to a maximum of 20 fragments per day. Other methods in getting fragments includes the topaz shop which supplies 100 fragments for 100 topazes. This purchase has a limit; however, you are only allowed to purchase up to 3 times with a limit of 300 fragments a month. The counter resets in the first day of the month.

Awakening Jewels

Jewels are the first item to use Awakening Shards. "Jewel Awakening" is unlocked once a Jewel has been powered up to +5. The cost to awaken jewels are as follows:

Gold Icon
Awakening Shards
Awakening Shard Icon
+5 Jewels
Items Icon Jewel
Seven Knights 500,000 50 x2
World Boss 500,000 x2
Four Lord 800,000 x2

Unlike Hero Awakening, Jewels require 50 Awakening Shards no matter the rarity. Additional upgrade materials include 2x +5 jewels & gold.

The total gold cost for Jewel awakening depends on the Jewels Rarity. Seven Knight & World Boss Jewels require 500,000 gold, and Four Lord / Four Lord of Old Jewels require 800,000 Gold.

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