Getting Seven Knight Tickets Edit

- You can get a 7k Ticket by chance from hero summon, fusing,quest reward ect. Edit

- There are also multiple ways to get a 7k Ticket %100. See Below Edit

Definite ways to obtain Seven Knights Tickets Edit

- Login bonus Edit


For logging in the first 14 days you recieve a 4* Random Seven Knight. After each 28 days of logging in gives a 4* Special Hero Selector.

- Friendship Points Edit

After completing the guide quest you will be able to gift friends who are 14 days or newer to the game a 5* Hero. When that friend completes a friendship quest you recieve friendship points. Reach 1000 Points and you receive a Random 4* Seven Knight Hero

- Castle Rush: Seven Knight Points

Participating in Castle Rush rewards the player with Seven Knight points. After acquiring 1000 Seven Knight points, you may exchange them for a 4* Random Seven Knight Ticket.

~Other Edit

==== - Castle Rush 2: From ranking S class in Castle Rush there is a small chance of acquiring a Seven Knight Hero ====

==== - Topaz: The topaz Shop sells a 4* Seven Knight Selector for 500 Topaz====

- Limited Events: Some time limited Events reward Seven Knight tickets Edit

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