Vengeful Hunter Ingrid
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Backstory Edit

Though she is the only girl out of her siblings, Ingrid has remarkable hunting abilities that outshines everyone else. Ingrid’s father was proud of her abilities and took her hunting often. She first met Snipper when she followed her father on a saber tiger hunt. An intense snow flurry nearly caused her to die from a saber tiger’s ambush, but she survived due to Snipper’s help. She is consumed by rage when she hears that a pack of saber tigers have attacked Snipper’s family’s village. She then goes around slaughtering saber tigers but loses to Kai after challenging him. Spirits under the influence of the Curse of Destruction murder her family and the people of her village. Slaughtering the spirits causes her to fall under the Curse of Destruction, but she recovers through intense rage and vows to get revenge on Spike.
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Ingrid Skills Genius of the Hunt
Passive Becomes immune to all damage 7 times.

If there are more than 3 Offensive type allies on the team, all allies become immune from Death and Stun debuffs. On every 3rd attack, decreases the enemy’s buff duration by 2 turns. Bleeds the enemy at a high chance. When inflicting a basic attack on an enemy with the Bleed Debuff, inflicts 2,000 fixed damage on all enemies.

Spectre of the Avalanche
A.Skill Inflicts 100% Physical Damage on all enemies 2 times. Freezes the enemy for 2 turns at a certain rate. (Unfreezes after 2 turns or when attacked and additionally inflicts 200%

Damage afterwards while ignoring the enemy's Defense. Also, if a frozen enemy is hit with another Freeze skill, the enemy will receive 100% additional Damage.) Becomes immune to all damage 5 times.

Brutal Strike (Ingrid)
100' Inflicts 150% Physical Damage on the 4 enemies with the highest Defense. Inflicts damage equal to 30% of the enemy’s max HP. Inflicts 3,000 fixed damage.
Dynamic Fury
130' Inflicts 120% Physical Damage on all enemies 2 times. Decreases any hit shield buffs by 3 hits. Removes debuffs from all allies.
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