Dragoon Jave
Dragoon Jave
Dragon Knight Jave
Dragon Knight Jave
Ancient Dragon Knight Jave
Ancient Dragon Knight Jave
Guardian Dragon Jave
Guardian Dragon Jave
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The youngest member of the Seven Knights. Jave was abandoned by his parents and left in the Dragon Ruins, the elder dragons, the Guardians, chose to raise Jave with other Dragons. During his childhood, he met other humans which peaked his curiousity. Jave then headed into town but he was shunned by the villagers due to his supernatural abilities...

Shocked and exiled, Jave was hurt and came to hate other people. The Guardians foresaw the danger that an emotional & hate filled Jave could cause, so they entrusted him with a Dragon egg to teach him a sense of responsibility and to control his own emotions. This Dragon egg eventually hatched and became the Dragon called "Red". Through time he conquered his emotions and became friends with Rudy and Spike. He is still no different from a child when it comes to human emotions.

Awakening / Season 2

The cheerful personality of Jave is quieter than before. He admires the great dragon's teachings and realizes that the dragon had entrusted him with strength and wisdom. With the help of Spike, he managed to defeat the ancient dragon that controlled blizzards, being thankful and greatly appreciating Spike. Jave knows that Eileene is interested in him, however he pretended to not know and acted clueless (there seems to be chemistry between the two). Rudy and Jave are not enemies, but Jave is confused about the path that Rudy took. Jave holds no grudge to Kris, but Kris is not so interested.

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Titles & Ranks

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Jave - Ethereal Guardian icon
Ethereal Guardian
Jave - Ethereal Guardian screen
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Order of the Hawk
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Guild Guardian
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Mini Mini
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Loyal Dragon Warrior
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Jave - Asura icon
Jave - Asura screen
Jave - Yasha King icon
Yasha King
Jave - Yasha King screen
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